How to make a scrapbook with quick and easy steps

How to make a scrapbook with quick and easy steps

Many have familiar with the word Scrapbook but maybe they don’t know how to make a scrapbook. This is the creative work that anyone loves it. It stores the memory with beauty. It can rise the nice outlook of a bookshelf. The way people keep a diary, they can keep scrapbook same way. However, before making gather some idea and method to make a beautiful scrapbook.

Nowadays we like to capture our memories or special moment on phone or handy camera. Then their next place is on a memory card or computer. Even we keep those in drawer very carelessly. Therefore, the photos damage easily. The memories not only for some specific moment. It is possible to bring the moment again. Restore them properly and see them infrequently. Then you will understand what an extraordinary masterpiece you have made!

Preparation for making scrapbook

Keeping photos in an album and creating a scrapbook is not two same things. Scrapbook is something shows your creativity. It’s different than other things. Do not limit your knowledge in how to make a scrapbook only. Before starting you need to know preparation first.

Figure out the reason for making scrapbook

Why do you want to create scrapbook? Do you want to restore your special moment? Or you want to surprise someone? Or your memory card is full? There is difference every reason. If you want to clear the memory, you have to spend more time creating the scrapbook. Because there might be lots of pictures. Therefore, better to pick some specific photo. So, identify the reason first and start working.

Decide the Organization of scrapbook

Decide how you want to arrange it. Don’t go to keep all the photos in it. Then it will be a big mess. Pick a theme first. It can be your 18th birthday. Can be anniversary or wedding ceremony. Or your baby’s photo. The journey from born to the first walk. Scrapbook is created based on the specific theme. So choose a theme what kinds of pictures you want to add. Then collect accordingly.

How you want to make it

You can choose to make it by hand. Or even the help of technology. That means computer software. There are many options to make the scrapbook nicer. But when you try to make something on your own it becomes more valuable. Though the the-the final decision is yours.

Choose the right picture for specific scrapbook

After selection of theme gathers all the photos of a specific event. Don’t mess gathering the two different event picture same time. Choose your photos either event wise or chronological order. A scrapbook can follow time, event, person, place or moment.

Method of creating a wonderful scrapbook

After taking well preparation next step is gathering all necessary elements and create it. Follow the steps of how to make a scrapbook. Then you will make a scrapbook successfully. You will find all necessary information here.

Size determination for scrapbook

For hand making scrapbook the standard size is 12x12. You will find several sizes includes 8.5x11, 8x8 and many other sizes. It depends on your photos size. Use scissors to shape your pictures and attached on that perfectly. If you are new, choose the 8x8 size. It will best for you because mini size album gives you an idea for the first time. On the other hand 12x12 size for lots of photos.

Design materials for your scrapbook

Usually, design material is used to make the scrapbook looks more beautiful. Either you can buy or make it on your own design materials. You can buy scrapbook kit from the shop. There are several scrapbook kits with different size and materials. Materials include paper, ribbons, word art, designs and much more. Even you can make it at home. Take some color paper and cut them into many small shapes. Other essential materials you have to collect is tape or glue, scissors, page protector, color pencil. All materials you will find inside the scrapbook kit. Apply these to make your scrapbook attractive.

Start filling the pages with pictures

You have the picture and design material with you. Then fill all the picture on the pages in the scrapbook. You can choose either one photo for one page or two/three photos on each page. Then attach the design materials as you like. See the photos are looking so beautiful. Before attaching choose the photos first you want to put in the scrapbook. But before attaching the photos, make a plan which photo you want to keep first. Then finally attach with glue.

Digital scrapbook

Digital scrapbook is using a software for making a scrapbook. If you search on online you will find much software. Choose the best software for the scrapbook. Once you download the software you can start using it. Even you can see video tutorial how to make a scrapbook for more info. Video will benefit you making it on the computer. The difference of handmade and digital scrapbook is you are not limited to materials. You can decorate the scrapbook any way you like. So, follow the basic steps of creating a digital scrapbook.

  • Open the software and click on‘’New’’ for new scrapbook
  • Pick a standard size for your scrapbook such as 12x12, 8x8 etc
  • Give a name of your scrapbook such as ‘’1st anniversary’’
  • Write the name of your scrapbook on ‘’Untitled’’ space
  • Choose the best layout which direction you like most
  • Select the different or same background color for each page
  • Click on ‘’Apply’’ or drag the background color onto the layout
  • Import photos you want to attach
  • Make the images bigger or smaller as you want
  • Now apply much design on your photos
  • You can apply frame in your picture
  • Decorate the page as well to look nice
  • Once you have done save it
  • You can prepare many scrapbook clicking on ‘’New’’

Scrapbook is a masterpiece

It may seem a big project for the first time. However, once you complete it you will see what a masterpiece you have created. Make a scrapbook to store the photos for forever. Rather than keeping on the computer. Even surprise your friend or special one presenting a scrapbook. Just imagine the face of your friend. When he will see the photos of a special moment you have passed with him. So, know about more scrapbook and learn how to make a scrapbook. Show your creativity and have fun as well.

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