Best Mattress for Platform Bed – Reviews & buying guide 2018

Best Mattress for Platform Bed – Reviews & buying guide 2018

Finding the best mattress for a platform bed may be easy for you if you are an experienced old player in the mattress game. But for others, it may be daunting to find out the best one for them. The market has already been flooded with a lot of the same products out there.

We have researched a lot and understood that which things should take into consideration before going to make any purchase. And we have chosen 10 best mattresses for your platform bed considering the key features they should have. We have reviewed unbiased mentioning not only their pros but their cons also.

In this part, we are going to cover and share with you every single detail you need to know before making a buying decision for a mattress that best suits your platform bed. Without wasting your valuable time, let’s start one by one.

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10 Best Mattress For Platform Bed Reviews

1. Linenspa 10 Inch Latex Hybrid Mattress Review

Linenspa 10 Inch Latex Hybrid Mattress - Supportive - Responsive Feel -...


  • Medium-firm feel to meet your need
  • Supportive, responsive and able to mold following your body’s curves
  • Four layers of foam and latex to a neutral temperature
  • High-quality steel coil and wrapped separately to provide needed support
  • Comes in different sizes
  • Ideal for back or stomach sleepers
  • 10-year U.S. warranty

This mattress provides the same feel as a hybrid mattress having latex foam and separately-encased coils together. And being temperature neutral, it gives you with a cool sleep environment on the mattress.

Its high-quality steel coils ensure needed support for you for any activities on it. Responsive latex foam follows your body’s natural curves, and it is genuinely soft to sleep on it.

You should not worry about your sleep style or position as it allows you to sleep in any form you want. And you will not experience soreness or aching after rising from the bed as it has latex foam spring support.

Its medium-firm level offers you to use it for multi-purpose. You can use it for your kids, overnight guests or even in your master bedroom as well. Its height (10-inch) is also enough for your requirements.


  • Durable and supportive of the sleepers on it
  • Responsive
  • Suitable for all sleep styles
  • Medium firm level allows using for kids, guests and your master bedroom
  • High quality steel coils for needed support
  • Comes with a 10-year US smart warranty
  • Convenient shipping box for easy movement


  • Maybe softer than expected

So, if you want a good mattress for your platform bed and would like to sleep a good night’s sleep on it, you can go for the mattress. Besides, its price is not so high as well. This mattress can also be used for your kid’s bedroom and guests.

2. Classic Brands Gramercy Euro Mattress Review

Classic Brands Gramercy Hybrid Cool Gel Memory Foam and Innerspring...


  • Ensures superior support with the wrapped-coil innerspring method
  • Responds evenly according to your body curves
  • Good night’s rest is its beauty
  • Distributes heat evenly from your body to provide more comfortable
  • Euro-top knit cover confirms its breathability
  • It is naturally hypoallergenic
  • It can resist allergens, mold, dust mites and bacteria
  • Does not emit an intolerable odor and CertiPUR-US program standards
  • Its Euro-top provides with cushion-feel

This innerspring mattress offers you with superior support, and its Euro-top ensures cushion-firm feel for the sleeper on it. Like other gel-infused memory foam, it helps to draw heat away so that you can feel better on the mattress and can have a sound night’s sleep.

It is also good news for those who are sensitive to allergies as it is naturally hypoallergenic and at the same time protective to mold, bacteria, dust mites, allergens and so on.

As the company meets CertiPUR-US program standards, there have no chemical odors that may cause health issues for you. The certification also ensures the mattress’ longevity as well.

Its wrapped innerspring coils prevent you as well as your sleep partner from disturbance of your motion while sleeping on the mattress. Besides, you will feel comfortable and cushion-firm as it has Euro-top with cushion-firm feel.


  • Wrapped separated coils not only ensures its durability but for comfort also
  • CertiPUR-US program standards protect you from any health issues
  • Comes in a convenient shipping box that is easy to move
  • Excellent customer service and available for 7 days a week
  • It is more comfortable as well as breathable than others out there
  • Ideal for a heavy person as well


  • Not suitable for over-weight persons
  • Sometimes human-sized divots can be found

If you are looking for a good mattress for your platform bed, it can be a good bet for you. Its wrapped-coil allows you to get a restful night’s sleep on it.

3. Dynasty Mattress New Cool Breeze Review

DynastyMattress New Cool Breeze 12-Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress


  • Sleep Cool Technology ensures restful sleep throughout the whole night
  • 2-inch cool air flow foam allows air easily to pass
  • 5-inch high-density foam provides an exact firm level for your rest
  • 3-layer construction has made the mattress durable than others
  • Zipper washable cover
  • It cover has fire barrier also
  • FREE 1 gel pillow that saves your money

“Trial” is another right side if a mattress has. During the allotted trial period, you can realize whether the mattress you are going to purchase is worth keeping or not.

A mattress for a platform bed needs to be firm enough to support you contentedly. This mattress has a 5-inch high-density foam that gives you the required support.

You should not worry about its durability as it has a 3-layer construction. Besides, the manufacturer offers 30 years of limited warranty! That means its comfort will lead it to the next generation.

If you are a side sleeper, it can be ideal for you. Soreness or aching is not going to make any health issues after waking up from the mattress. It’s just perfect for any activities on the mattress.

It does not emit chemical odors like the strong-fumes type. But for the first time after opening the shipping box and keeping on the platform bed, it gives off chemical odors.

As the mattress can breathe well, you don’t feel too hot on the bed. Besides, its cooling technology does not allow it to get so hot that can be an issue of disturbance and intolerance for the dwellers on it.

The included pillow that comes with the mattress can replace your existing one. But, it is experienced that for a long sleep, the pillow is not ideal to use. But there should say nothing to complain as it comes FREE!


  • You will not experience soreness or aching waking up from the mattress
  • Durable and 3-layer construction
  • 1 A FREE included pillow that matches with the mattress and saves up to $50
  • Being breathable never gets hot enough
  • Sleep Cool Technology helps to have a deep sleep at night
  • No support base is needed as it has 5-inch high-density foam


  • Emits chemical odors for the first time for few hours

We researched hours finding the mattress is useful for you. As a result, we discuss all the above findings regarding the mattress. It is worth purchasing for your day to day life. It is indeed a good mattress that doesn’t make you any pain.

4. NECTAR Twin-XL Mattress + 2 Free Pillows Review

Nectar TwinXL Mattress + 2 Free Pillows - Gel Memory Foam - CertiPUR-US...


  • Relieves body pains and aches
  • Comes with 2 FREE premium NECTAR pillows
  • Ensures desired level of firmness and coolness so that you can have a restful night’s sleep
  • Well the combination of firmness and softness for your better experience
  • Holds optimal temperature throughout the whole night to ensure sound sleep at night
  • 180 days of trial that allows you to experience with the mattress

NECTAR TwinXL Mattress not only provides you with your desired comfort, firmness and coolness but saves your money also. It comes with 2 FREE pillows that cost you $150! Don’t you think it is a good option for purchasing the mattress?

Making your mind to purchase a mattress for your platform bed is a big deal. You do not want to waste your money anymore. And it may be a one-time investment if you can choose the perfect one for you. In the situation, it can be your best deal purchasing a mattress that lasts for years even for generations.

Besides, the manufacturer of the mattress gives you two smart options before purchasing the mattress. One of them is a long period of trial (180 nights!), and the other is a lifetime warranty. Just use it for a few nights to make the final decision. If you are satisfied with its features and benefits, you can keep it forever.


  • The desired level of firmness, comfort, and coolness
  • 2 FREE premium NECTAR pillows that save you $150
  • Relieve your body’s aches and pains
  • Firm enough where needs whereas soft enough where needs
  • Keeps cool even at 90 degree nights
  • 180 nights of home trial
  • Lifetime (forever) warranty which is longest in the industry


  • Price is high
  • Does not come in a standard size

Though this mattress’ price is high enough, it can meet all your needs up. Otherwise, you need not purchase pillows separately for the mattress. It is firm enough to use on a platform bed. It can be a good bet for your having a lifetime warranty which is rare in this industry.

5. Olee Sleep Galaxy Hybrid Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattress Review

Olee Sleep 13 inch Galaxy Hybrid Gel Infused Memory Foam and Pocket Spring...


  • Five-layer construction with pocket spring ensures its firmness and durability
  • Molds according to your body’s shape and eliminates temperature
  • Can be washed its Polyester Jackguard Fabric while needs
  • CertiPUR-US and OEKO-TEX tasted for health hazards
  • Dura spring provides you long-lasting support-level while sleeping on it
  • Designed to relieve pressure points of your neck, shoulders, back, and hips altogether
  • Individually encased-coils allow you to eliminate the boringness of motion

Are you still thinking to invest much or less to purchase a hybrid mattress for your platform bed? This is by far one of the most economical mattresses out there in the market but can make you're satisfied with its comfort and firmness.

Otherwise, it is soft enough to sleep on it restfully. It may not provide you with perfect support and comfort for your need to sleep on it contentedly. But it can meet your basic needs of having a mattress on your platform bed as well.

Separately-encased coils do not let your sleep partner know whether you move on the bed throughout the night. So, it is a good sign for a mattress. Its coils are also durable and last for years as they are constructed with multi-HD and memory foam layers. As a result, you feel very comfortable on the bed.


  • Its separately-encased coils eliminate motion disturbance
  • Firm and supportive through a little bit soft
  • Durable and comfortable being a hybrid mattress
  • Comes with 10-year smart warranty
  • Evenly distributes pressure points of your body while sleeping on it


  • Sizes are limited (only 3 sizes available)
  • Heavy persons may not find it firm enough for their sleeping

The more you invest while purchasing a mattress, the more benefits and features you receive. But in comparison to its price, we must say it can fulfill your basic needs of having a mattress on your platform bed and provides you with enough firmness and comfort.

6. Sweet night Gel Memory Foam Mattress Review

Sweetnight 10 Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress, Queen Mattress in a Box with...


  • 3 layers construction and zoned gel memory foam helps align your body perfectly
  • You can use two sides to sleep on
  • Hypoallergenic mattress
  • Is made without any harmful elements
  • Temperature control technology
  • Cloud-like feel
  • Relieve body pressure and pains
  • Supportive and perfect for a platform bed

This mattress is comfortable, supportive and pain reliever of your body. It has 3 layers of zoned foam, and they function separately. Layer one controls temperature while sleeping on the mattress and ensures cloud-like feel. In this layer, the manufacturer used 2 inches gel infused memory foam that works controlling temperature.

In the second layer, 5 inches of comfort foam helps make the mattress firmer and relieve the pressure point of your body. It also helps to keep your body perfectly aligned on the mattress.

3 inches high-density foam provides needed support and helps the sleepers sleep without any disturbance of motion while other on the bed moves. So, you can get a restful night’s sleep on the mattress at night.

As both sides of the mattress are used, it helps to choose the perfect side for a sleeper’s choice. One side provides firmness while other ensures comfort and softness to the sleepers.

The mattress is constructed following the CertiPUR-US standards. So, there is no health issue in this mattress, and they do not use any harmful materials such as formaldehyde, mercury, and other heavy metals. It is hypoallergenic and prevents bacteria, mold and mildew and other harmful germs.


  • Supportive and durable 
  • Soft and medium firm side available for your need
  • CertiPUR-US Certified for preventing health hazards
  • Hypoallergenic and breathable rayon cotton blend fabric
  • Comes in a smart shipping package
  • Ten years no risk warranty


  • Not available for all sizes

Having great features, you can go for the mattress. Both sides are equally useful. You can choose any side you need as it has the option. In comparison to its price, it is worth for using on your platform bed.

7. Signature Sleep 13-inch Pillow-Top Independently-Encased Coil Mattress Review

Dorel Home Products 13-Inch Pillowtop Pocket Coil Mattress


  • Separately-encased coils ensure weight allotment evenly
  • Contours to your body’s natural curves
  • Individual-encased coils also relieve pressure points as well
  • Has been constructed with low VOC CertiPUR-US standards foam
  • Almost all sizes are available like a full mattress, king mattress, and queen mattress
  • No motion disturbance
  • Every coil is cushioned individually for durability and long-lasting

It means that it provides you with your needed comfort while sleeping on the mattress. Any sleeper can sleep well on it. It relieves your body’s pressure and contours according to your body’s curve so that you can have a good night’s sleep.

Individual-encased coils provided not only durability but for comfort and needed firm level also. These coils also help to distribute your body’s weight equally and prevent motion disturbance too.

Being certified by VOC CertiPUR-US standards, you will enjoy sleeping on the mattress without any tension of having any harmful substances for its construction like mercury, formaldehyde, lead or any heavy materials.

Availability in all sizes keeps you ease to choose one for your platform bed’s size. Multiple sizes are available including the king, queen, and full-size mattress to meet up your need.

But if you as well as your sleep partner is heavy enough for the mattress, there may arise some issues. You may find the sleeping area is softer than the rest and obviously, you will not get the same firm but comfort as it was for the first time use.


  • The rayon used in this mattress helps to dry fast, allows the body to breathe
  • VOC CertiPUR-US standards ensure that it does not use any harmful metals
  • Free of PBDEs, TDCPP or TCEP flame retardants and so forth
  • All sizes are available out there in the market
  • Firm enough but not hard and you will not sink into the mattress


  • The sleeping area may get softer than before
  • Softness may cause low back pain

For your restful night’s sleep, you can consider the mattress has excellent features and benefits. It has no materials that have health hazards. VOC CertiPUR-US ensures that it can be used and has no health issues.

8. Leesa 3 Layers Premium Memory Foam Mattress Review

Leesa Mattress


  • Welcomes any body types as well as all sleeping styles
  • 3 layers provide firmness, comfort, and durability
  • Proper circulation of airflow to keep your mattress cool
  • Offers easy movement without making motion disturbance
  • Gives 100-night in-home trial before making the final decision
  • Full refund policy and free shipping
  • Chances to have a social impact

Are you a side sleeper while your hubby is a back sleeper? No matter what your sleeping position is and how you weigh are. Leesa mattress comes into the play and plays an essential role for any weight and any sleeping styles.

Another useful feature is it has 3 layers to support, offer comfort and firmness. Its comfort layer has 2 inches of comfort foam that provides you with cloud-like feel. Then the second layer works as a reliever of your body’s pressure on the mattress so that your body’s weight can distribute evenly. Dense core support that is in the third layer of the construction of the mattress supports the sleepers and ensures durability as well.

There is a chance to involve in donating by purchasing their mattress. They donate one mattress’ price upon 10 sold. You can also grab the opportunity to be a nature lover as well because they plant a tree for every mattress they sell. Besides, they support their local communities through volunteering job.


  • Firm but not hard enough to sleep on the mattress
  • Offers 100-night in-home trial
  • Free shipping and if you make a return you will get a full refund
  • Universal Adaptive Feel which adapts all types of sleepers and any sleeping styles
  • Good airflow offers a cool surface to sleep throughout the whole night
  • 3 layers confirm firmness, comfort, and durability


  • It has no edge support that matters
  • Chemical odors last for a long period

While you are going to make the big deal, consider few things in mind. If the mattress’ company offers a trial period, it is a good sign to think about it. Then health issues come into the game. As the mattress has a trial period and CertiPUR-US certified, you may not be worry before purchasing this mattress for your platform bed.

8. LUCID 14 Inch Plush Memory Foam Mattress Review

LUCID 14 Inch Medium-Plush Memory Foam Mattress - Ventilated Gel Memory...


  • Medium firm memory foam mattress
  • Soft Tencel blend cover
  • Available in multiple sizes in the market- Full, Full XL, Short Queen, Queen, King, California king, Twin, and Twin XL
  • CertiPUR-US Certified
  • Ventilated Design for better airflow and cool temperature
  • Follow your body’s curves to minimize pressure
  • Convenient shipping box
  • 10-year smart warranty

This firm but comfort memory foam mattress has a dual memory foam layer to offer you a plush surface while sleeping on the mattress. Its 1-inch bamboo charcoal memory foam layer ensures its durability as well as its comfort. Following your body’s natural curves during sleeping, it helps you relieve pressure point. As a result, you wake up from the bed without any aching or pains.

Circulating enough airflow having ventilated design, it allows your mattress to keep cool at the time of sleeping or doing any other activities on it. There are no health issues as it meets CertiPUR-US standards. This mattress also prevents any motion disturbance of sleeping partner on the bed.

It comes smartly within a convenient shipping box which is easy enough to move and set up. And the manufacturer of the mattress offers a 25-year warranty.

As one size does not fit with any platform bed, you have to choose your one that can fit properly. Having all sizes available out there in the market, you should not worry about your needed size.


  • Available in almost all sizes
  • Comes within a compressed box and easy to set up
  • No motion disturbance of your sleep partner
  • 10-year warranty


  • Plush is not soft enough
  • Does not keep as cool as another mattress due to its small ventilated layers

Purchasing a mattress for your platform bed is a big deal, but it can meet your needs. It is breathable, and CirtiPUR-US certified to ensure your health security. Having available sizes in the market, you can easily choose one for your need.

10. WEEKENDER 10 Inch Hybrid Mattress Review

WEEKENDER 10 Inch Hybrid Mattress - Memory Foam and Motion Isolating...


  • Separated-encased coils provide needed support and no motion disturbance
  • Comfort, breathable and perfect support
  • Hybrid mattress
  • A long-lasting polyester fabric having two-tone
  • 10-year US warranty

Its durable hybrid construction combines separately encased coils to alleviate motion disturbance, and memory foam responds to your body’s natural curves. It is durable and comfortable. Its unique style and comfort attract consumers’ attraction.

For your platform bed, it provides you with perfect support while sleeping on the mattress. It uses a two-tone polyester fabric cover that gives a classy look to your lovely bedroom.

It has three layers to ensure comfort, durability, and pressure relief your body. Your body’s curves are followed by the memory foam used in this mattress, and it helps to relieve your body’s pressure aligning your body perfectly for ensuring maximum comfort. After getting up from the mattress in the morning, there is no pain or aching in your body.


  • Three-layer support
  • Hybrid construction makes it durable as well as comfortable
  • Individually-encased coils prevent motion disturbance
  • Ideal for any sleepers and any sleep styles
  • Polyester fabric cover adds a classy look


  • The shipping box is too heavy
  • 2 people are needed to move it to your desired place
  • List Element

In comparison to the price of its features, it can be a good bet for you to purchase and place on the platform bed frame. It is firm but comfortable to sleep on it. It has three layers to offer you comfort, firmness, and breathability of the mattress.

What is a platform bed and what are the advantages of having them?

A platform bed frame can be compared to the skeleton of a human body whereas fleshes with a mattress. It is just a frame made of steel or wood. There are slats to hold your mattress on it. The gap between two slats provides ventilation for a mattress and eliminates the requirement of a box-spring or any other foundation for the mattress.

A platform bed has few benefits as well. It saves enough space in your bedroom as there are almost 8 inches of space underneath the bed. You can place a cabinet easily under it and use as storage of your linens or season-out clothes.

Will old or used mattress do?

Well. The most important thing to consider about a mattress to use on a platform bed is its firmness as there is no support for the mattress underneath. In this situation, you can use your used old mattress.

But make sure it is firm enough to hold you on it. Besides, you can use your old one if you can place a thin but sturdy coarse cloth between the mattress and the platform bed.

Key Factors to consider

We will recommend (strongly!) you to consider these below factors before going to purchase a mattress for your platform bed. As you are going to choose one for a platform bed, it should meet some key features as well.

At first, we would like to discuss the types of the mattress available in the market and their functions.

Memory Foam

It is considered to be the most supportive and comfortable mattress in the market. When your body gets in touch with the mattress, it becomes soft having specialized polyurethane foam. It can follow your body’s natural curves while sleeping on it as it gets warmer. Besides, if you are thinking of a durable and supportive bed, there is no alternative to memory foam mattress.


Innerspring mattresses keep you away from motion disturbance of your sleep partner so that you can sleep well. It provides firmness as well as comfort with its internal spring system. These mattresses have longevity issues. Internal springs do not last long as they lose their firmness over time and break down.


If you have health issues like allergies or asthma, this mattress is a good option for you. Natural materials are used to make this mattress. Besides, it does not confirm your comfort at a satisfactory level. So, before making your decision to use it, you should think over and over again for the final decision whether you go with it or not.

Hybrid Mattress

In the construction of a hybrid mattress, there is a good combination of innerspring and latex or memory foam to ensure comfort, durability, and firmness. So, this technology should be welcomed by you if you see the perfect combination of all elements. This is the best mattress for your platform bed out there in the market.


As you can see there is no extra support for your mattress on the platform bed; you should consider your desired mattress’ thickness. In this way, the thickness can ensure your mattress’ durability as well as needed support for you to rest on it.

Temperature Regulation

Make sure the mattress you are going to purchase breathes a lot. It means that circulation of the proper amount of air can provide you with a restful night’s sleep. Besides, some mattresses are extra thick and don’t allow your body temperature to distribute evenly. As a result, your sleep area keeps hot and does not let you sleep deeply at night. On the other hand, a mattress with proper breathability offers you sound sleep and keeps it comfy all night long.


As it is a big deal and needs a quite investment, sustainability is a concern you should consider. But it is good news for you that almost every mattress we researched has a wide range of warranty. Make sure you do not receive a sprung mattress. If so, make a return without further delay.

Trial Period

It is a good option before purchasing a mattress for your platform bed. And, if you think that you will buy one online, it helps you more to have experience using it for few nights at home. If you are satisfied, you can go for the final purchase. Just test before taking.


A good night’s sleep helps us do well for the next day. Besides, it has a number of health benefits you know. We spend most of our time on bed sleeping, watching a TV program or doing other activities. So, when it comes to purchasing a mattress for your platform bed, make sure it is breathable, comfortable, durable to provide you with a restful night’s sleep all night long.

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